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Personal Styling

brown high heels


  • Get a one-on-one initial image assessment.

  • Learn the unforgettable yet easy tools to become an asset to your friends with knowledge in styling. 

  • Receive a personal body type analysis.

  • Learn step by step strategies to getting the perfect look for you. 



  •  Get everything you need to know how to accessorize and do it flawlessly.

  • Lean how to gain the strength on how to gain and maintain confidence that will help you to propel yourself to the life and look that you want. 

  • Achieve results to the style you have always wanted.

Black and White


  • Learn the secrets to developing your style live regardless of where you are in the world.

  •  Overcome major struggles of styling after one session!

  • Get a look at personally selected designs in real time where you can choose to have them shipped directly to your door. 

  •  Enjoy the convenience to having a Virtual Personal Shopper where the shopping is done for you.

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